Our philosophy

Safe and Effective Treatments

Fillers and Botox treatments in Berkshire Newbury and Wiltshire Swindon

 We offer bespoke skin care using the latest technologies and provide the highest quality treatments to enhance and rejuvenate your skin.  

Some of the treatments we offer:

Wrinkle-Relaxing Injections (Botox)

Dermal fillers to restore, enhance and define your features

Profhilo to add moisture and rejuvenate skin from within

Skin refining treatments like Micro-needling and Chemical Peels

Fat-dissolving injections for stubborn areas of fat, with minimal discomfort

Cryotherapy to remove unwanted skin lesions without surgery

Patient in Focus

Patient getting skin care treatment in Berkshire and Wiltshire

 All patients are guaranteed a free initial consultation if they wish to discuss their treatment options. There is no obligation and you can take the time you need to choose the treatment path that is best for you.  

We know it can feel intimidating walking in to a clinic, no matter what procedure you are looking to have done. Our absolute priority is for you to feel welcome and comfortable. 

 Patient safety, experience and outcome are always our top priority, and the end results show it. 

Committed to Quality

Obagi Tretinoin Retinol products in Berkshire Newbury and Wiltshire Swindon

 Ensure you use the right skin care products for your skin needs and concern. 

All products we use are of the highest quality on the market, and most can only be prescribed by a medical professional. The level of ingredients are far superior to any over the counter products therefore results are far more impressive. 

about our clinic

Trained in Harley Street

Doctor trained in Harley Street treating patients with botox in Berkshire Newbury Reading and Wiltshire Swindon


Dr Tara Kidd has spent significant time working  in specialties such as Dermatology  and Surgery, before training as a GP. 

She has undertaken most of her Aesthetics training at the world renowned centre of medical excellence, Harley Street, London.  She continues to undertake regular training and masterclasses to ensure she is up to date with the latest advances in the field, and is always looking to offer new treatments if she feels they are beneficial to her patients.

Our Berkshire Clinic


Our welcoming clinic is conveniently located on Bridge Street in the beautiful market town of Hungerford, Berkshire.  Near and easily accessible from Newbury, Marlborough and Swindon.  

Open 7 days a week, weekends by appointment only.

Before and After pictures

Before and After pictures of botox, fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, aqualyx, by Dr Tara Kidd in Berkshire ans Wiltshire

In our picture gallery section you can see some of the fantastic treatment results we have achieved together with our lovely patients.


All the patients in the pictures have received treatments from us and no images have been digitally altered.



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