medik8 Facials

About our facials

Medik8 facial treatments have been carefully curated to rejuvenate the skin while providing you with a soothing relaxing experience.  The Medik8 facials are designed to give the perfect balance of clinical results and relaxation for the optimum skin and well-being experience.

For every skin type

With an extensive treatment menu covering   all major skin concerns  like skin ageing, spot prone, redness, dryness and pigmentation,  there is a treatment for everyone.  

Not sure which facial to choose?

In your consultation we will identify specific skin concerns and prescribe the appropriate facial or combinations for you. No matter which facial is chosen, you will be sure to have the specific corrective products used on your skin. 

Book a course of 3 Medik8 facials and receive £25 off standard price. 

medik8 treatment menu

Platinum Facial


A relaxing age-defying facial that infuses the skin with Medik8 core active ingredients: vitamin C to protect and regenerate and vitamin A to stimulate and correct; together creating a more youthful appearance. At the end of the facial our platinum infused Age Defying Platinum mask is applied to lift, rejuvenate and firm the skin. 

60 mins 


Deep Hydration Facial


A complete nourishing and comforting facial to restore vitality to dull, flaky and compromised skin. Gentle exfoliation allows the long-lasting, replenishing Medik8 hero formulations to deliver deep hydration.

60  mins


Clarity Facial


Deep cleansing actives are used to target oily, problematic and blemished skin. Re-balancing products are used throughout this facial to smooth, calm and generate a clearer complexion.

60  min


Calming Facial


A gentle soothing treatment to instantly calm inflamed, hot, flushed, red, sensitive and highly sensitised skin using intelligent formulations to aid skin recovery.

60 mins


Pore Refining Facial


A targeted facial to smooth out and minimize pore size to create an even, healthy looking skin. Targeted activities and gentle exfoliation are used to gently break down pore blockages. 

60  mins


Glowing Facial


A luxurious illuminating treatment to brighten even the dullest skin. A targeted, results-driven facial to combat uneven pigmentation and skin tone; breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.

60 mins